Best free blogging sites to use in 2021


Best free blogging sites to use in 2021

If you have long dreamed and finally decided to create your blog and inspire a large audience of people with your life, then you need a reliable platform where you can implement all your plans. Free sites for blogs can be a great start on your way, the main thing is to decide on your choice because nowadays it is a very popular trend and there are a lot of offers on the market. So that you don’t get even more confused about your choice, in this article we will provide you with a list of the best free blogging sites in 2021.

Wix Review

Wix can be a great place to fulfill your goals and move up the blogger’s career ladder. The site is extremely simple and is mostly drag-and-drop driven, so even newbies will know what’s what right away.

Another plus of this platform is the free hosting service. All you have to do is arrange the layouts and decide on a template. Your choice of the site has both free and paid templates for blogging.

To get down to business on the site you need to register on Wix and decide the following: let the site create a blog for you by itself with the help of AI function based on a questionnaire or create a blog by yourself. When you choose the second option, you have to decide on the template and layout of the interface. Add various interesting backgrounds and video boxes to your page, publish them and start writing your articles.

WordPress Overview

 WordPress is one of the most famous ways to create your website. but you have to do it all yourself. As for website hosting, you can certainly find a free version, but if you’re thinking of taking up blogging professionally, it’s best to pay a little sum for paid hosting.

In this way, the viability of your site will be supported by Bluehost, which provides quality services at a favorable price. This hosting provides you with a free domain name and a large amount of disk space – 50 GB, you also get unlimited bandwidth and much more.

Since you control the process of posting on WordPress, you create the appearance of the site and its functions.

Medium Review

Medium is a versatile site that covers many topics, and where every user can post their posts. The main advantage of this platform is that here you can quickly gain a lot of views, and accordingly, you can attract more people since the number of registered users on the site is tens of millions.

Using the site is also as easy as shelling pears, all you need to do is register and start your creative journey. The main disadvantage that can confuse users seeking their blog site is that you cannot create a separate site using Medium, all your posts are only in its space.

Ghost Review

The principle of operation of the Ghost is very similar to WordPress, it can be installed for free, but you will have to pay extra for hosting services. Phantom supports DigitalOcean online hosting, an inexpensive yet reliable hosting that has many useful features in its arsenal.

The only drawback is that while creating your blog, things may not go so smoothly, and you will need to spend some time on server work.

You can publish a post on Ghost in a few steps, the editor is very easy to use. With it, you can preview your text on the right side of your desktop.